Preventing Injuries at Home

It’s not just the athletic weekend activities that can cause injury – be aware and take care of your bones and joints in all of the activities you do including:

  • Using ladders (cleaning, decorating)
  • Driving (watch out for motor vehicles accidents)
  • Gardening (raking leaves, mowing lawns)
  • Working around the cottage (opening / closing the cottage for the season)

Household safety is something rarely considered, yet accidents can and do happen around the home. Consider these tips and be safe rather than sorry!

  • Ensure your house is well lit
  • Keep floors free of clutter
  • Never rush – rushing is the major cause of falls
  • Use handrails around stairs
  • Store household items in easy to reach locations
  • Use a stable stepping stool to reach high places
  • Use a rubber mat in bathtubs and showers
  • Keep stairs and walk ways outdoors in good condition, especially during winters