Tips for Preparing for Surgery

Beyond the expertise of your orthopaedic surgeon, you have the most important role to play in your surgery and recovery.  You want the best outcome possible from your surgery so you must prepare.  Here are some tips that will help you to get ready for that important day.

  • Follow your orthopaedic surgeon’s orders!
  • Maintain or improve your fitness level – maintain strength and mobility.
  • Maintain or attain a healthy weight.
  • Have any dental work done.
  • Prepare your home:  Stock the freezer with quick and easy to prepare meals.
  • Quit smoking at least two weeks prior to surgery to avoid complications and aid soft tissue and bone healing.
  • Find out if you will require outpatient physiotherapy and locate a physiotherapy facility close to home.
  • Find out what, if any, assistive devices you’ll need to rent/purchase.
  • If your recovery involves non-weight bearing, consider practising using crutches or a walker to test your ability to comply with the requirements during your recovery. If you are not able to maintain a non-weight bearing status, you may need to prepare to have more help, such as a wheelchair or assisted living environment to recover until you are told that you may weight bear.
  • Arrange any supportive care, if needed, in preparation for discharge from hospital.
  • Consider recovering in an assisted living facility or moving to a single level home to allow for an uneventful recovery.