Injury Prevention

Risk Reduction to Prevent Injury

Nothing can put a damper on a stroll in the park or a spirited game of touch football like an injury.  The fun stops – and the injured finds himself or herself watching from the sidelines.  Most unintentional injures are both predictable and preventable.  As an example, think of any story you’ve heard about someone taking a fall, and invariably, the story includes, “I didn’t see …” or “I was hurrying to …”.  To prevent injury, it’s important to recognize risks and take steps so the fun – and your strengthening – continues.

Wondering if this is really important?  Ask the in-line skater who fractured his wrist when skating without wrist guards.  Ask the hockey goalie whose skate caught a rut and cost him a meniscus tear.  Ask the wedding guest who tripped on an electrical cord that wasn’t taped down.  Ask the grandmother who fell on a poorly-cleared sidewalk and fractured her hip.  It’s all important.

  • Every time you plan an activity, consider:
    • Is there a risk for injury or an unsafe outcome?
    • What can I do to decrease the risk?
    • Am I physically able to do this?
    • Am I aware of how to do this safely?
    • Is there appropriate equipment and safety equipment to be worn or used?
    • Are there special skills required?  How can they be learned?
    • Are there environmental hazards that need to be removed or fixed?

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