Regaining Mobility

Regaining your mobility will likely begin immediately following surgery.  Depending on the type of surgery you have had, you will begin physiotherapy initially to control pain and swelling from the surgery, then to increase range-of-motion and regain full mobility.

You should be discharged from the hospital with a home exercise program.  It’s important that you do the exercises as prescribed by the physiotherapist.

Initially exercises are intended to regain mobility.  Later your program will include exercises to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and stability and return you to your full activity level.

It is important to:

  • Do the exercises daily or as prescribed.
  • Continue to use assistive devices until advised not to by your physiotherapist or surgeon.
  • Gradually increase your activity/walking distances during the initial six weeks if you have had elective surgery such as arthroplasty, and after that as prescribed by your physiotherapist.
  • If your surgery was a result of trauma, especially a fracture of the lower extremity, talk to your doctor or physiotherapist about your activity/walking distances during your initial recovery.
  • Increase or progress your exercises when advised by your therapist.
  • Notify your physiotherapist if any exercises increase pain or stiffness.

Following your exercise program will get you back to your regular physical activity and will help you to maintain strength, mobility and overall good health.  Check with your surgeon or physiotherapist about any activities that you wish to do following surgery.