Macnab Lecture

An outstanding researcher, teacher and orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Ian Macnab contributed significantly to orthopaedics in Canada. Following his passing in 1992 an educational lectureship was named in his honour, with the first lecture delivered by Dr. E.H. Simmons in 1994. The lectureship series continues on to this day with the Macnab Lecture presented annually during the Canadian Orthopaedic Research Society’s (CORS) program during the Canadian Orthopaedic Association’s (COA) Annual Meeting.

Ian Macnab Memorial Lecturers

2023 Walter Herzog Calgary, AB
2022 Frank Beier London, ON
2020 Cari Whyne Toronto, ON
2019 Mauro Alini Davos, Switzerland
2018 David Hunter Sydney, Austrailia
2017 Hani Awad Rochester, NY
2016 Jacques de Guise Montreal, QC
2015 Rob G.H.H. Nelissen Leiden, The Netherlands
2014 Joshua Leon Halifax, NS
2013 Cyril B. Frank Calgary, AB
2012 John B. Medley Toronto, ON
2011 Randy Ellis Kingston, ON
2010 James G. Wright Toronto, ON
2009 Louis Bigliani New York, NY
2007 James Kellam Charlotte, NC
2006 Marc F. Swiontkowski Minneapolis, MD
2004 Reinhold Ganz Bern, Switzerland
2003 Laura I. Tosi Washington, DC
2002 Cecil H. Rorabeck London, ON
2001 Joseph Schatzker Toronto, ON
2000 James P. Waddell Toronto, ON
1999 Robert W. Jackson Dallas, TX
1998 André Beaupré Quebec, QC
1997 David E. Hastings Toronto, ON
1996 John A. McCulloch Akron, OH
1995 Carroll A. Laurin Montreal, QC
1994 Edward H. Simmons Buffalo, NY