R.I. Harris Memorial Lecture

Dr. R.I. Harris significantly contributed to and shaped orthopaedics in Canada, and following his passing in 1966 the Foundation wished to honour his legacy by establishing a lecture session annually at the Canadian Orthopaedic Association’s (COA) Annual Meeting. The lectureship would create an opportunity for Canadian surgeons to meet and learn from distinguished guest lecturers from around the world.  The Lectureship was approved by the COA Executive in 1968, and Sir Reginald Watson-Jones was invited to be the inaugural lecturer. As tribute to his friendship with Dr. Harris, Sir Reginald entitled his lecture: “Robert Harris and Amputations. Amputation of the Body and the Mind”. Since then, orthopaedic surgeons from around the world have presented at this annual lecture.

R.I. Harris Memorial Lecturers

2023 David Parker Sydney, Australia
2022 Douglas C. Thomson Mono, ON
2019 Richard L. Cruess Montreal, QC
2018 Stuart L. Weinstein Iowa City, IA
2017 Richard J. Hawkins USA / Canada
2016 Marc Swiontkowski Bloomington, MN
2015 Robert B. Bourne London, ON
2014 Cecil H. Rorabeck London, ON
2013 Keith Willett Oxford, England
2012 Daniel Berry Rochester, MN
2011 Thomas A. Russell Memphis, TN
2010 Nick Mohtadi Calgary, AB
2009 Robin R. Richards Toronto, ON
2008 Norman S. Schachar Calgary, AB
2007 Willam R.J. Rennie Winnipeg, MB
2006 Paul H. Wright Vancouver, BC
2005 Hubert Labelle Montréal, QC
2004 Cyril B. Frank Calgary, AB
2003 Richard L. Cruess Montreal, QC
2002 James P. Waddell Toronto, ON
2001 Peter J. Fowler London, ON
2000 Robert N. Meek Vancouver, BC
1999 Robert B. Bourne London, ON
1998 Cecil H. Rorabeck London, ON
1997 Morris Duhaime Montreal, QC
1996 Allan E. Gross Toronto, ON
1995 Robert W. Jackson Dallas, TX
1994 John E. Hall Boston, MA
1993 John V. Fowles Montreal, QC
1992 Robert Y. McMurtry Calgary, AB
1991 Henry Bohlman Cleveland, OH
1990 Charles Sorbie Kingston, ON
1989 Norbert Gschwend Zurich, Switzerland
1988 John A. Wilkinson Southampton, England</td
1987 Hans K. Uhthoff Ottawa, ON
1986 Clement B. Sledge Boston, MA
1985 David S. Bradford Minneapolis, MN
1984 Philip D. Wilson New York, NY
1983 William Enneking Jacksonville, FL
1982 J. William Fielding New York, NY
1981 Paul Curtiss Boston, MA
1980 Henry J. Mankin Boston, MA
1979 Graham Apley Surrey, England
1978 Sir Denis Patterson Adelaide, Australia
1977 Frank P. Patterson Vancouver, BC
1976 Frederick P. Dewar Toronto, ON
1975 Leon L. Wiltse Long Beach, CA
1974 G.C. Lloyd-Roberts London, England
1973 R.B. Duthie Oxford, England
1972 André Danis Brussels, Belgium
1971 Robert A. Robinson Baltimore, MD
1970 Bryan Keon-Cohen Melbourne, Australia
1969 J.I.P. James Edinburgh, Scotland
1968 Sir Reginald Watson-Jones London, England