Shoulder Surgery

A care path or pathway is a plan that describes the activities (by patient and health care staff) that are required to achieve the most from your health care.  The surgical care path or pathway outlines everything that happens starting with your pre-admission visit, to your day of surgery, to your discharge.

Your health care team will coordinate the services and treatments and discuss your progress with you.  The care path helps to ensure this occurs in a timely and coordinated manner.

Benefits of the Care Path

  • A team approach to quality health care.
  • Encourages you and your family to participate in the plan of care and promotes satisfaction.
  • Increases you and your family’s awareness of the course of treatment and goals.
  • It is an important educational resource.
  • Offers quick and efficient use of services.

The care path helps you track your progress and be more involved in your care.

The success of your surgery is 20% dependent on the surgeon and 80% dependent on YOU!  Be an active participant by discussing your expectations, voicing your concerns and sharing your goals.