ORTHOLINK Laura’s Story

Laura’s Story Chapter 1: Laura Beauparlant describes how her life was changed in an instant by a drunk driver. In her own words, hear about her struggles, setbacks and triumphs. Discover how her story links to yours or that of someone you love and the lessons that will inspire. Share each chapter with those you care for.

Laura’s Story Chapter 2: Laura is confronted by the extent of her injuries and the long road ahead.

Laura’s Story Chapter 3: Laura discusses the limits she is told that she will face and the critical role of her medical team, friends and family as she begins her journey towards recovery.

Laura’s Story Chapter 4: Laura describes what she means by “What am I dying for today” and if she could ever bring herself to forgive.

Laura’s Story Chapter 5Laura is confronted with the question; “Are you a Superhero”?

Laura’s Story Chapter 6: Laura is joined by Dr. Hans Kreder, Professor, University of Toronto, Orthopaedic Surgery and Heath Policy Evaluation and Management, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Kreder took over Laura’s care when she arrived at Sunnybrook.  We discuss the roles of patients and professionals in the recovery process.

Laura’s Story Chapter 7: Laura and Dr. Kreder discuss the strengths of our healthcare system in realizing positive patient outcomes and where there are areas for improvement.

Laura’s Story Chapter 8: In the final chapter of Laura’s story, Laura and Dr. Kreder discuss their personal connection that has endured for decades and how connections born of tragedy can lead to a rich and fulfilling life.