Core Sustainers

We recognize our monthly donors, those whose sustained commitment builds the COF’s stable base. Donors receive our newsletter, “OrthoLink”, along with advance notice of any news releases distributed by the Foundation. They provide ongoing support to sustain the Foundation’s activities and accomplishments.

Surgeon Core Sustainers:
Dr. Paul Beaulé
Dr. Gordon Goplen
Dr. Robert Hollinshead
Dr. Justin LeBlanc

Core Sustainers:
Janet Allcock
Antonio Barbaro
Gregory A. Beatty
Terence Boylan
Geoffrey Chapman
Todd Charlebois
Emiliana F. Fleischmann
Tom R. Heggie
Tom P. Koretchuk
Linda Learn
Kenneth Lozon
Andrew Lumsden
Rose McIntyre
Elizabeth A. Reimers
E. Diane Richards
Marty Welden

The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is grateful to all who contribute and we are pleased to recognize donor gifts publicly. We ask those who do not wish to have their names included on our donor recognition pages to contact us at The COF is committed to honouring donor wishes.