Osteoarthritis patients: Virtual Support is available

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

Are you an arthritis patient waiting for joint replacement surgery that may have been postponed? Likely, you want to stay as active as you can, but may not have access to a physiotherapist right now. Did you know that the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation has a virtual library of tools that you can access free of charge at any time? Check it out today.

As well, we are pleased to tell you about a program offered by the Arthritis Society which might help you. Please note this program is available in Ontario only, through funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

The Arthritis Society’s Arthritis Rehabilitation and Education Program (AREP) provides customized service for people with arthritis using virtual tools.

Anyone with a diagnosis of arthritis is welcome to self-refer by calling
1-800-321-1433 ext. 3381 or emailing

Virtual care will be delivered by whatever method works best for you: telephone, email and/or personal video. All services are available at NO COST to you if you have an Ontario Health Card and a confirmed diagnosis of arthritis.

A specially trained clinician will provide you with the guidance, reassurance and education you need to live your best life while waiting for surgery. This may take the form of an individualized consultation or an education program – all done virtually.

Call AREP at 1-800-321-1433 ext. 3381 and speak to an Assistant who can set up a virtual appointment for you with one of the Arthritis Society’s clinicians.

This province-wide service is fully funded by Ontario Health and is delivered by specially trained arthritis physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers.

The COF thanks the Arthritis Society for continuing to support those with arthritis when in-person services might not be available.