To our volunteers: THANK YOU

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

COF Celebrates volunteerism during national volunteer week.

The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation celebrates volunteers from across Canada during National Volunteer Week. Volunteering is absolutely essential to our society. By giving of ourselves in support of others, we lead and teach the example of how our individual efforts can exponentially impact the lives of others. From hospitals to homes, thousands of volunteers give care and support to orthopaedic patients each day, improving quality of life in every respect. At the core of volunteering is caring. In case the cynicism in you is thinking that volunteers and their impact are few and far between, the economic impact of volunteer hours in the Canadian economy is an estimated $60 Billion dollars annually – and growing.

On behalf of our volunteer Board of Directors and our network of volunteers across Canada, we thank them, and you for the difference you make and the leadership you show each day in service to others.

Happy National Volunteer Week!

Support us in our ongoing effort to bring pain-free mobility to all Canadians. Thank you.