To our volunteers: THANK YOU

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

National Volunteer Week 2023

When we give of our time and efforts in service to others, we demonstrate a commitment to others that is at the core of a civil society. To volunteer is not only an expression of our own values, but a demonstration to others that we care. Often, our gestures impact strangers who without support, would be left untouched by a sense that they matter. Volunteering provides this support, eases suffering, lifts morale and inspires more giving. A volunteer act’s impact is exponential. The reward for volunteering is to know that in giving of ourselves, we raise others beyond ourselves.

At the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation, we understand that it is because of the countless actions of volunteers that care is given, research is advanced, lives are improved, people are comforted and inspired. We take this opportunity to thank everyone, from our volunteer Board of Directors, our committee members, our community organizers and network of supporters. Each day you give of yourselves in order to advance care and inspire all of us to do more in service to others.

On behalf of all of us. Thank you.