J. Édouard Samson Award Deadline Extended!

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is extending the deadline for applications for the prestigious J. Édouard Samson Award to March 3, 2023.

The COF recognizes the continuing disruptions and pressures that are being endured by our research community across Canada as a result of the pandemic and its repercussions. We remain steadfast in our commitment to recognize and support the efforts of those equally committed to advancing innovative research under challenging circumstances.

The premier award for orthopaedic research in Canada, the J. Édouard Samson Award, recognizes the best career orthopaedic research over a period of five (5) years or more at a Canadian centre.

This $30,000 award is intended to promote further research by the recipient. The recipient will be invited to present their research at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Orthopaedic Association. The award consists of an educational grant and a personal research grant to be used by the recipient at the Canadian institution where they currently reside.

Click here for application forms, guidelines/instructions and submission deadlines.

The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is a health charity dedicated solely to helping people maintain and restore their mobility. We are pleased to provide this funding to help ensure Canada retains its status as a world leader in orthopaedic research.