Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation Announces Additional Research Program Expansion

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to generous donations from surgeons, patients and industry, the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation (COF) is able to continue the expansion of its research program and grant 11 awards this spring. The recipients of the COF’s 2018 research awards are:

J. Edouard Samson Award:

Dr. Michelle Ghert (Hamilton, ON) – “The Prophylactic Antibiotic Regimens in Tumour Surgery (PARITY) Trial: Unprecedented international collaboration in orthopaedic oncology”

Special Awards:

Carroll A. Laurin Award, recognizing excellence in clinical research:
Dr. Geoffrey P. Wilkin (Ottawa, ON) –“Periacetabular Osteotomy with and without Arthroscopic Management of Central Compartment Pathology”

Robert B. Salter Award, recognizing excellence in basic science research:
Dr. Sasha Carsen, Dr. T. Mark Campbell and Dr. F. J. Dilworth (Ottawa, ON) – “Determining the optimal bone-derived stem cell source for cartilage regeneration in the treatment of osteoarthritis”

Cy Frank Award, recognizing excellence in innovation:
Dr. Darren L. de SA (Hamilton, ON) – Soft-tissue QUadriceps autograft ACL-reconstruction in the Skeletally-immature vs. Hamstrings (SQUASH): A Multi-Centre Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial”

Canadian Orthopaedic Research Legacy (CORL) Grants:

Dr. Hesham Abdelbary (Ottawa, ON) – Developing a new therapeutic approach to Improve Treatment of Periprosthetic Joint Infections Using a Novel, and Clinically Representative Hip Replacement Rat Model

Dr. Anthony Adili (Hamilton, ON) – Topicals for Osteoarthritis Pain in Knee Surgery (TOPIKS): A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial”

Dr. Bashar Alolabi (Hamilton, ON) – Randomized control trial of ultrasound-guided erector spinae block (ESP) versus shoulder periarticular anesthetic infiltration (PAI) for pain control after arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Dr. Eric Bohm (Winnipeg, MB) – Randomized controlled trial of staged versus simultaneous bilateral knee arthroplasty

Dr. Michael J. Monument (Calgary, AB) – Sting Activation as an Immunotherapy for Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Dr. Diane Nam (Toronto, ON) – The microbiome: can it influence fracture healing?

Dr. Neil White (Calgary, AB) – The C3PO TrialCanadian Prospective Pragmatic Perilunate Outcomes Trial”

All applications are reviewed and ranked by the Foundation’s Research Review Panel.

On behalf of the COF’s Board of Directors, Research Committee and Staff, congratulations to the recipients and thanks to all who took the time to apply.

We are also pleased to confirm the continuation of our Community Innovation Award research competition. A call for applications will be issued in the coming months. For further details visit in April.

The COF’s research program is largely supported through the Powering Pain Free Movement campaign. Special thanks to our funding partners.