Life is good again

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

Ernie Erickson

“When I first asked for my knee replacements, I was told I was too young. It used to be that one had to be “old” before a replacement was considered. Eventually, I had to retire early from my job in structural steel-working in 1989.” Mr. Erickson finally had both knees replaced in 2001, the first in January and the second in July. He stresses the costs to the individual and society of delaying treatment: “Had the replacements been done earlier, I certainly would have gone back to work.” By the September following his replacements, Mr. Erickson resumed hunting, a favourite leisure pursuit, and he and his wife – who has had both knees replaced herself – participate in Kamloops’ Hip Hip Hooray! event. Says Mr. Erickson, “Life is good again!”