Anne McIntosh

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

“Mobility is one of the miracles of our life, and we take it for granted until it is taken away!”

– Anne McIntosh

Anne McIntosh knows first-hand how dramatically orthopaedic surgery can affect a person’s life. After two years of pain and limited mobility caused by rampant arthritis, she underwent a hip replacement in 2001. Now she enjoys life to its fullest extent! She has regained the freedom that comes with knowing her hip is going to take her wherever she wants to go.

After learning about Hip Hip Hooray! from her surgeon at Toronto East General Hospital, Anne began attending the annual walk. She quickly realized the enormous impact the event has on everyone who participates in it. This led her to volunteer her time and dedication to the Toronto organizing committee of the 2006 walk. Her goal is to increase the amount of exposure Hip Hip Hooray! gets within the GTA and its hospitals. “I want to raise public awareness of how many people are recipients of orthopaedic surgery, and promote the positive side of our public health care system.”

As the patient volunteer, Anne provides the committee a valuable insight as to how people feel after regaining their mobility. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm helped make the 15th Hip Hip Hooray! walk a success!