Laurence Metrick Returns to a life of mobility

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

Since the age of 12, Laurence was extremely active, from playing competitive tennis in his youth to running marathons and competing in triathlons – this man has accomplished a lot in his lifetime.

After years of athletic activity, Laurence began to experience knee pain and his quality of life deteriorated rapidly due to the debilitating effects of arthritis. Laurence was unable to do the simplest of tasks such as walking down the stairs or getting out of the car.

About two years ago, Laurence received hip replacement surgery and has since gained back his freedom to be mobile. “Surgery was life changing,” explains Laurence. “I’m now able to walk down the stairs, go to the airport and do things that many take for granted.”

As an active Ortho Connect volunteer for the past six months, Laurence believes that the program is a great resource, as it allows patients to hear about the realities of surgery including recovery and how long it really takes to get back to old activities and hobbies. “The Ortho connect Program provides that reassurance that patients are really looking for,” explains Laurence. “It offers Canadians the opportunity to receive honest information that one can easily relate to because you are connected with someone who has actually been there.”

Laurence also believes that the program offers people anonymity – which is important to many who aren’t comfortable speaking with someone they know.