For Healthcare Professionals

Your Partner in Practice

The Foundation is a responsive, patient-focused national health charity, complementing and extending the care surgeons provide to hundreds of thousands of patients each year.

Surgeons have an effective resource and can direct patients to the Foundation for accurate, reliable information and strong support.

Preparing Patients

Web and print-based information on various orthopaedic procedures aimed at making the patient’s experience a little easier is available from the Foundation. A list of questions and a checklist guides patients to participate in their care and practically prepare for their upcoming surgery.

Patient Information Resources

Information you and your patients can trust. Reliable, surgeon-approved resources to help your patients’ understanding and to help you reclaim the time. All of our educational materials are available to download in both English and French. View the resources.

The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation’s programs and services are built for patients and for surgeons – extending patient care from offices and hospitals to the comfort of their own homes. Know the Foundation, and know a new partner in your practice.


The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is committed to advancing bone and joint health through funding research – the cornerstone on which we were established. Click here for more information.


The Foundation is committed to patient education and to providing patients and their families with accurate, up-to-date information that will help them to be active participants in their care and return to mobility. We welcome your input in the design of our programs.
Click here to let us know what would be valuable to you and your patients.

Community Care

Because the strength of the public health care system varies across the nation, we work with volunteers, hospitals and health care professionals to identify priorities to better meet community needs. We focus on increasing capacity and efficiency so that more people have access to movement-restoring treatment.