GIVE in support of pain-free mobility, a message from our CEO

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

As the days cool and shorten, our thoughts are naturally drawn to the comforts of life and home. After the past few years, time spent with friends and family is even more precious. We are all too aware that the simplest of things should no longer be taken for granted.

I would suggest that despite the challenges that are, in too many cases, ongoing the lessons we have taken from the past year about supporting one another are some of the most powerful. A visit, a kind note, a call and all the gestures that remind those around us that we care, are vitally important to their well-being and ours.

Another lesson is that caring doesn’t stop. Challenges change, but the opportunities to lift others up are always near. As headlines change, issues such as backlogs for surgery and limited resources for care persist. At the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation, our efforts to bring care to those in need continue without relent. We continue to support the medical professionals, caregivers, families, researchers, and patients as they collectively strive to improve lives every day. They are making a difference. Our website and other media showcase advances in treatments, research and care that reflect the dedication of so many. I encourage you to visit and see the results of your support in action.

As we begin our fall donations drive, I know that so many of you that have given to the Foundation will do so again and that it is a sacrifice for many. Yet you will. Many that have not donated for some time, or ever, will do so. In my role, I am privileged to learn of so many amazing gestures of inspirational giving. The Foundation recently received a donation from a 12- year-old boy, who organized a pick-up hockey tournament in his neighbourhood to raise money for the Foundation. His father wrote to say, that his son chose the Foundation knowing the funds raised from the parents would go towards helping people whom he would never meet and that that was important to him. That sense of selfless giving is a cornerstone of civil responsibility. So inspiring to see it in someone so young.

Thank you for giving.

Todd Charlebois
Chief Executive Officer

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