GIVE in support of pain free movement, a message from our Chair

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

As all of us continue to struggle through the challenges of these difficult times, we are reminded of the importance of those aspects of life that we may have taken for granted. In family, friends and good health, we have found bedrock to stand on that supports us and those we love.

Those we care for are facing difficulties that we struggle to meet with caring and compassion, as we struggle to overcome our own. In Canada today, there are over 200,000 patients awaiting orthopaedic care. When I think about those people and the people that love them, the scale of the suffering is difficult to comprehend.

Yet, every day, I am privileged to learn of the efforts of families, friends and front-line workers who are working tirelessly to provide care to those in need. Volunteers, families and professionals are giving of their time, effort and skills as never before to ease the pain of those they care for and those under their care. At the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation, our vision of pain-free mobility for all Canadians has never resonated more than now. We honour all those that are providing care by offering education, training and support while advocating for the resources that are needed to relieve suffering. Our task is difficult, but our determination is without limits.

 I ask for your support for our efforts to provide help for those in need of orthopaedic care across the spectrum of prevention, education, training, support and access to care. I understand that giving is difficult for many. Know that your donation, no matter how small, is essential. Your support provides the resources required to assist those who provide and need care. Pain is debilitating. It saps energy and destroys quality of life. Your donation serves to improve and give back quality of life for those that have lost it. We honour you by ensuring that your donation is directed to the most impactful outcomes – every day.

In these times, it may be challenging to give. As Chair and President of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation, I speak for all that will thank you deeply for your gift. On their behalf, I am proud to relay their ongoing pledge to overcome the challenges we collectively face in order to provide the highest standard of care for those in need. Click here for some information on how your gift will have such an important impact. You can also read our current Annual Report to learn more about the lives it will touch.

On behalf of the providers of care across Canada who will be able to continue their work, and those whose suffering will be eased because of you, thank you.

Dr. Pierre Guy
Orthopaedic Surgeon
COF Board Chair and President